• The boat will be delivered to Es Canutells cove (June) and Binibequer cove torret (rest of summer) from 9:30 am. In turn, the boat must be returned to the same port of departure at the specified time according to morning departure (1:30 p.m.), afternoon (7:00 p.m.), full day (6:00 p.m.). (The overnight stay is not included in any case.) If you want to take the boat for several days, you should consult.
• Any return that is made after the indicated hours and that is not for reasons beyond the control of the lessee, will be penalized with 25% of the amount of the contract for every 30 minutes of delay.
• Essential: the maximum number of seats allowed on the boat will never be exceeded.
• Likewise, in the case of rental for several days, the boat must also spend the night in the port of delivery, since each day the boat is checked and prepared for the next day. Consult the company for more details on this section.


• Rates include all risk insurance with excess.
• The amount of the damages that could be caused to another boat, or to one’s own, is covered by the insurance from the amount of the excess, as well as breakdowns and the collection of the boat if necessary.
• The client agrees to pay the franchise in case of causing damage or damage to the boat, as well as the non-return or loss of material or equipment delivered with the boat.


In the event that the rental cannot finally be made and is cancelled, the following procedure will be followed:
• Due to bad sea conditions or bad weather forecast. The company will recommend that the rental not be carried out, since it could be dangerous for the integrity of the people.
• For personal reasons of the tenant. Cancellation 20 to 7 days before: 50% of the total rent. Less than 7 days: 100% of the total rent.
• In the event that the total amount of the reservation has been settled and it is not possible to navigate due to weather conditions, the company will propose other days for the enjoyment of navigation, in the event that the charter cannot be carried out due to customer availability. and lessor, the advanced amount will be paid.
• If breakdowns occur prior to the preceding rental period, or in the same lease, or for any reason beyond the control of the lessor. The amount paid corresponding to the proportional part of the unfulfilled lease will be returned without further liability. The tenant may not claim compensation or damages for this reason.
• In cases of breakdowns, the client will have to notify the lessor as soon as possible to move his technical team, or to authorize the repair, otherwise, non-compliance with this formality may make the client responsible for paying the repairs to make.
• In the event that it is the client who has caused the engine breakdown while navigating on the speed and revolution recommendations made by the leasing company, after checking the systems introduced for this purpose in the boat, it may be passed on to the client even exceeding the franchise deposited.
• In the case of water sports, the lessor is not responsible for the risk that said activity entails, nor for the damages that may be caused, the operator/owner of the boat being totally exempt from liability for any accident that could occur during the development of the practice of this sport.


Due to bad sea conditions or bad weather forecast. The company will recommend that the rental not be carried out, since it could be dangerous for the crew.
• ALTAMARCHARTER S.L. the right to cancel the sailing day is reserved in the event of continuous wind exceeding 25 knots.
• Only in the case of exceeding 25 knots of wind / having an adverse part for the day with rainy weather conditions throughout the day will it be cause for cancellation by ALTAMARCHARTER S.L. and/or the client passing the navigation day to another, depending on the availability of the leasing company. In the case of not being able to enjoy the pending days to navigate, said amount will be paid.


In the event of the impossibility of traveling due to causes directly related to covid-19, duly justified, 100% of the reservation will be paid.


• The rental price does not include fuel.
• Upon departure, the boat will be delivered to you with a full fuel tank. During the return, consumption will be checked and must be paid separately by adding an amount of €20 for the refueling service.


The driver of the boat must have the qualification corresponding to the rented boat.
• The lessee is solely responsible for ensuring that the license they have is sufficient to govern the leased vessel, and that it is recognized by Spanish law.
• The lessee assumes all responsibility for any fine, sanction or damage derived from the infraction of the provisions of this clause, and for any of the infractions of the Marina Rules committed during the term of this contract.
• The navigation of the boat is limited to the coast of the island of Menorca, not being authorized or dispatched for navigation between islands.
• It is not allowed to water ski with any of the company’s boats.


Maximum speed in ports and beaches 3 knots.
• Respect the bathing area, always anchoring outside the yellow buoys on the beaches.
• Respect the boats with the flag of divers.


• The current rates are those of the current year.
• Reservations will only be accepted if they are accompanied by 50% of the total rental amount.
• Payments will be made in advance, by transfer, in cash or credit card.
• VAT included in the price.
• Modification and cancellation of the contract:
Any cancellation that occurs, by the tenant, will be charged the
following amounts of the total amount of the contract:
-Less than 20 days from the departure date 50%
-Less than 7 days from the date 100%
The lease period may not be varied, except in accordance with the lessor.


• We remind our clients that Menorca is a Biosphere Reserve, so we ask that special care be taken not to leave rubbish on the beaches or throw it into the sea.
• We would appreciate it if at the end of the rental the client collects the rubbish and deposits it in the containers at the port.
• Likewise, we would appreciate it if you try to keep the boat in a good state of cleanliness, so that we have to use as little water as possible to clean it, since it is a scarce resource, especially on our island.


• It is expressly agreed that the company does not assume any responsibility for loss or damage to any of the goods left, stored or that the lessee or another person forgets, stores or transports on the boat, either during or after the end of the rental.
• The lessee assumes the risk of such loss/theft and exempts the company from any claim for the same and undertakes to keep it free and harmless from any claim that occurs for this reason during the rental, or due to delay or delay as a consequence. of damage to the vessel, and even the possible change in the state of the sea caused by unforeseen meteorological causes once the vessel has put to sea.
• If due to changes due to meteorological causes, or other reasons unrelated to the company, the company will propose other dates to be able to enjoy navigation in optimal conditions, otherwise, the amount advanced by the client will be paid without prejudice to any claim.


• Upon completion of the contract, a payment in cash or by card will be requested as a deposit for the rental of the boat, which will be guarded by ALTAMAR CHARTER S.L. throughout the rental period.
• If the boat is returned on time, in the same conditions it was delivered, without any damage or loss. The deposit will be returned within the first 24 hours, subtracting the fuel consumed from the deposit.
• If the boat is not returned in the same conditions or as agreed, all or part of the deposit will be transferred to ALTAMAR CHARTER S.L. to cover damage or loss.


• The lessee undertakes to use the rented boat properly in accordance with what is legislated by the marine, customs, treasury, police and health authorities, being solely and exclusively responsible for the consequences of infraction or non-compliance with said official provisions.
• The lessor reserves the right not to make the boat available to the client if the skipper does not seem to have the necessary expertise and competence to safely govern the boat, regardless of the titles presented. In this case, the lessor will put a mandatory professional skipper (if available) whose cost will be borne by the client, otherwise the navigation would be canceled without the right to receive any compensation or refund.
• The shipment of weapons, narcotic drugs and products that could contravene Spanish legislation is totally prohibited.
• The contracting party may only board the number of people authorized by the navigability certificate/seat sheet and registration of the vessel.
• Subcontracting of the boat is prohibited.
• In the event of infringing current legislation, it will be grounds for the instant termination of the contract, leaving the amounts paid in favor of the lessor. Any penalty will be the sole responsibility of the renter.
• Each day of delay in the return of the rented boat without prior notice to its departure base, will be billed at twice the rate originally applied.
• The delivery and return of the boat is in Es Canutells (June) and Binibequer Cala Torret (rest of summer).


• The rental price does NOT include snacks/groceries, it is recommended to bring enough water to spend the day.